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Dino: 3 Blue Lace Agate Tumbled Chakra Stones, Namibia - 52 grams


Dino: Blue Lace Agate Tumbled Chakra Stones - 41.1 grams


5 BRECCIATED AGATE 1 3/4 " EXACT Palm Flat Smooth Massage Stones REIKI USA


Dino: Green Sardonyx Agate Tumbled Chakra Stones - 76 g - Stone of Protection


Oco Agate Geodes 1/4 Lb Lots Natural Crystals Druzy Halves


Agate/Carnelian Vug N285 Crystal Mineral Specimen


Beautiful Natural Agate Banded Slices Crystal Geode Polished Slab Quartz 1157G


8MM Natural Matte Montana Agate Gemstone Beads Grade AAA Round Loose Beads 14"




1/4 lb Lots Wholesale Bulk Tumbled Stones: Choose Type (Crystal Healing, 4 oz)


Sweet MOSS AGATE Crystal Donut Circle Pendant Bead


Dino: Blue Lace Agate Polished Chip Bracelet - 12 g - Reiki Crystal


243g Natural beautiful agate hand-carved torch, landscape torch, gift torch


388gNatural Beautiful Patterns Banded Agate Madagascar Mineral Specimens Stone//


1.54LB Natural Geode Agate quartz owl skull hand Carved crystal OK688-dca


247g Rare Natural Polished Enhydro Moving Bubble Agate Crystal Stone A1


Dino: 7 Apricot Botswana Agate Tumbled Chakra Stones, Botswana - 54 gr.


318g Agate slice colorful agate slice Reiki Stone healing crystals stone B940


270g Natural agate quartz crystal Mineral Specimen Healing


823G Natural cave agate skull, hand - carved mineral crystal specimen hMK66


242gThe natural Brazil Amethyst cave has calcite's natural crystal agate edge492


Large BLUE Agate Slice Geode Polished Crystal Quartz Fast Free USA Shipping


499g Flame profile Agate! NATURAL CARNELIAN Flame Profile QUARTZ CRY


171g Natural beautiful agate hand-carved torch, landscape torch, gift torch t60


490g Natural Colorful Red Carnelian Agate Flame Crystal Geode Healing K757


TWO (2) Czech Glass FROG BUTTONS - Moonglow, Opaque, Agate, Satin 3/4" x 7/8"


Asian Quartz Rainbowstone Jade Agate Crystal Healing Ball Sphere 52MM + Stand.


483g Natural Beautiful Charming Red Agate"egg" specimen Healing


Wholesale Premium Blue Agate Slices Crystal Quartz Geode Slab Polished Stone


TOP-330g Natural Carnelian Agate Heart Shaped Healing Reiki Druse Hole i7083


2" Banded Agate w/ Quartz Sphere Gemstone Crystal Mineral Ball - India + Stand


Dino: 3 Blue Lace Agate Tumbled Chakra Stones, Namibia - 33 grams


1360g Pink Agate Slices Geode Polished Slab Crystal Quartz Brazil With Stand A