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Tube Preamp Transformer

tested tube preamp power transformer 5V 6.3V and 460VCT


0-115-230V 100W EI Transformer For Tube Amplifier Preamp Phono Stage Custom-Made


Vintage UTC LS-27 Output Transformer, High End Audiophile tube preamp


50W toroid transformer for tube preamp 110V/220V to 220V + 6.3V +12.6V L13-12


VTG NOS TRIAD R-56 A Tube PREAMP Power Transformer 130v 20ma [email protected]@30 VOLT


1930s GE Tube Preamp Amplifier Transformer Speaker X-Over Wire 4 lbs Wood Spool


ADC Tube Amplifier Mic Phono Preamp 20K:600 Ohms Output Transformers [Pair]


Brand New NOS NIB Pair UTC HA-133 Line Output Transformer 26 Kennedy Tube PreAmp


Raphaelite Power Transformer 200W VT25 For single-ende tube AMP /Preamp


NOS NIB Thordarson 13C29 Filter Choke Transformer 9H 25mA Tube Preamp Amplifier


NOS NIB Stancor PS-8416 250v Tube Power transformer for tube preamplifier


VTG NOS TRIAD R-56 A Tube PREAMP Power Transformer 130v 20ma, [email protected]


Raphaelite 50W 100mA 12.6V Power transformer for Preamp Tube Amplifier


40W EI Power Transformer Audio Dedicated For Tube Amplifier Preamp Phono Amp DIY


Raphaelite 3.5K 600 ohm Preamp driver transformer for 2A3 300B 6C45 Tube Amp


65VA R-core transformer 115V/230V To 220V+220V +7V +7V for Tube preamp L13-6


115V-230V 50W Transformer X-Former for Tube preamp 0-170V 0-6.3V


Vacuum Tube Headphone Amplifier HiFi Stereo Preamp With Output Transformer Black


Passive Pre-amplifier Permalloy Step-up Transformer for DAC Tube Amplifier Phone


Douk Audio 115V/230V 50W Power Supply Transformer For Tube Phono Pre-Amplifier


UTC A-34 vintage audio transformer plate to line for tube preamp output


Assembeld Ground Grid gg Preamplifier + PSU board + transformer + tubes


50VA copper EI transformer 270V-0-270V 6.3V+6.3V+15V for tube preamp DIY L5-1


50VA HIFI copper O type transformer 0-250V 0-6.3V for tube preamp L5-2


50VA (50W) copper EI transformer 0-265V 0-6.3V 0-12.6V for tube preamp L14-7


220V to 230V 6.3V 13V power transformer for 12AX7/12AU7/12AT7/12AY7 tube preamp


Raphaelite 120W Pre-AMP Power Transformer for Tube Amplifier Rectifier


E200 6SN7X2+ECC83 ClassA pure tube Headphone Amp&preamp W/Z11 output transformer


1set 12AT7*4 Tube Preamplifier Board SRPP Circuit + Transformer + Power Board


35VA R-core transformer 0-115-230V to 0-220V *2 0-6.3V*2 for tube preamp DIY